Energy Management System

Energy Management System (EMS) provides centralized control and monitoring of energy related equipment such as HVAC and lighting from a single control pad or web application. An EMS consists of the software and hardware components used to collect, analyze, and manage energy usage within a commercial building or industrial facility.

Daintree Energy Management System

Daintree Energy Management System

Daintree Networks’ ControlScope™ is the industry’s most intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective energy management solution for managing energy intensive applications such as Lighting, HVAC, Plug-Load controls and more. ControlScope can be deployed as a subsystem of BMS (building management system) over BACnet interface or as first line BMS.  Deployed at warehouse, industrial facilities, office, retail space and Fortune 500 facilities across North America, our award-winning ControlScope wireless energy management solution delivers:

  • Tremendous energy savings (up to 70%) for commercial and industrial buildings, which improve over the life of the building
  • Full-featured controls at a fraction of the cost and complexity of wired systems
  • Choice of open-standards, interoperable controls products from trusted suppliers
  • Advanced, enterprise-wide energy management strategies

Using a single wireless platform for majority of building services, ControlScope solves some of the control industry’s toughest problems by eliminating wiring and using open standards—which allows broader and more granular control, reduces costs, simplifies commissioning, and extends the benefits of control to retrofits and other new markets.

Daintree EMS Benefits

  • Open Standards: Future proof solution with open standards; choice of interoperable hardware devices from trusted suppliers
  • Multi-Application: Simplicity and convenience of managing multiple applications from a single web interface accessible from any location.
  • Analytics and Insight: Real-time information about usage, fault detection and operational efficiencies.
  • Scalable Solution: Scales easily from a single office to system-wide control of thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise.