Warehouse and Industrial

Large open spaces such as warehouses, distribution WAREHOSUE_TALLcenters and industrial facilities have traditionally been difficult for wired control systems due to their harsh physical environments. In addition, these spaces typically use programmable thermostats, which are not often managed properly. Now, ControlScope brings advanced networked energy management to these facilities.


Facility professionals can:


  • Easily add new occupancy sensors to leverage the most common and effective lighting control strategy
  • Easily add new photosensors to make more use of natural lights throughout the day
  • Combine occupancy control, photosensor control, and dimming strategies to achieve up to 70% in lighting energy savings.
  • Effectively manage thermostats to further reduce HVAC energy costs and enhance occupant comfort
  • View real-time lighting and thermostat energy consumption information and make dynamic energy and operational optimization