Sports Complex

Be at the forefront of the sporting experience

sports-arenaWith high ceilings, and changing usage patterns in large, open spaces, sports complexes have unique needs for lighting. With ControlScope, you can create the right settings for every sporting occasion using combinations of advanced lighting strategies which include occupant sensor control, photosensor control, and continuous dimming. Our alerts enable you to quickly identify potential issues and troubleshoot them from anywhere at any time.


Facility professionals can:


  • Use any preferred lighting product
  • Easily add new occupancy sensors to leverage the most common and effective lighting control strategy
  • Easily add new photosensors to make more use of natural lights throughout the day
  • Combine occupancy control, photosensor control, and dimming strategies to achieve up to 70% in lighting energy savings
  • View real-time lighting energy consumption information and make dynamic changes to enhance the sporting experience