Box Retail

Retail stores have complicated lighting requirements. For these retailers, optimal lighting level is critical to attract shoppers by creating the shutterstock_166621808

perfect setting for merchandise display. Interior and exterior lighting and HVAC account for almost 80% of energy usein a typical retail store and offer enormous opportunity to realize cost savings by improving efficiency. This means turning HVAC and lights when not needed. Wireless control is the most cost-effective solution to meet the ever-changing requirements of a retail space.


Daintree Networks is bringing intelligent energy reduction to commercial buildings, with ControlScope—the industry’s first standards-driven solution for networked wireless building control. For many retail and food service chains that don’t have facilities personnel at every location, ControlScope provides visibility into and control over each location’s energy usage. This greatly simplifies your job as a corporate facilities manager by allowing you to centrally manage and monitor energy usage at multiple remote locations.


A corporate facility manager can:


  • Effectively optimize energy and operational efficiencies at multiple buildings
  • Automate comprehensive building energy management from lights, to plug loads, to thermostats
  • View real-time lighting, HVAC, and plug load energy consumption information and make dynamic energy and operational optimization