Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS)

Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS)


Flexible, Simple, Scalable And Cost Effective


BEMaaS™ is a new cloud based solution that takes ControlScope® performance to the next level.  Leveraging the power of cloud computing and ControlScope software, BEMaaS brings unprecedented flexibility, convenience and control to your facility for a simple subscription fee.   Harness the power of network control without the hassles of network management.

BEMaaS helps to keep your commercial & industrial sites running smoothly and efficiently at the lowest installed cost. With BEMaaS, you will never worry about software installation, license renewals, or complex network management.

BEMaaS Benefits

BEMaaS provides total control over energy costs and offers a host of benefits:

  • No upfront capital investment, shift capital expense to operating expense
  • Lower total cost of ownership – no server or software to buy, reduced maintenance and install cost
  • Automatic system upgrade and software enhancements, instant access to latest features
  • Scalable system with flexibility to add facilities or new applications without infrastructure headache
  • Reduced burden on customer IT department, faster project deployment, less training required

Download the BEMaaS solution sheet for more information