Green Incentives and Regulations

green-savingsDaintree’s wireless energy management network offers a clear and easily attainable path for buildings to improve long-term sustainability, facilitate compliance with a variety of government regulations, and qualify for rebates available from utilities and government bodies.


  • ControlScope compatible wireless control solutions can contribute many points towards LEED certification across multiple impact categories.
  • ControlScope helps to ensure compliance with Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, EPAct, and other building codes.
  • With advanced controls and demand management strategies, our customers can become eligible for a wide variety of incentives. We’ve worked directly with utilities around the country to ensure that ControlScope is directly applicable for their incentive programs. These include PG&E, Southern California Edison, SDG&E, Seattle City Light, ConEdison, SMUD and many others. Contact us to learn more about unique incentives in your area.

Rebates and incentives

Many electric utilities and governments are offering incentives to promote green building and retrofits, and to stimulate the building industry after the recent economic downturn. In the US, refer to the DOE’s Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) for details about available incentives. ControlScope offers the most comprehensive energy reduction on the market, and is therefore applicable for high incentives – in some cases, as much as $.30 per kwh saved!


Some utilities also provide credits for control solutions that support demand side load-shedding. Our built-in demand response capability using OpenADR can automatically react to demand response events from utilities, and adjust lighting, HVAC, and plug loads to pre-set acceptable levels to take advantage of cost savings.


Within the US, LEED is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings, and many state and local governments offer incentives for LEED-certified projects. Our wireless building energy management platform contributes in three of the five LEED impact categories, potentially providing dozens of points towards LEED certification. You can find out more at

Government regulations

Governments around the world have introduced regulations and initiatives aimed at making buildings greener and more sustainable through the use of automated or networked controls. These include lighting control and scheduling standards and codes for both new buildings and retrofits (such as Title 24, EPAct and ASHRAE 90.1).


Daintree helps to ensure compliance with the most stringent building codes, and is active in the development of California’s next-generation lighting and other building control standards.


Find out more about these codes: