Wireless Lighting Control

Wireless lighting control solution from Daintree Networks is revolutionizing lighting in commercial and industrial buildings. Daintree’s ControlScope® offers the most comprehensive lighting control solution in the industry.  ControlScope solution provides unmatched intelligence and centralized control for lighting management resulting in reduction of up to 70% in lighting costs, improved occupant comfort and enhanced visibility into building operations. ControlScope provides automated intelligence to the lighting system and delivers the required illumination level, where you want it, when you want it. Luminaires can automatically turn on, off or dim at set times or under set conditions. Users have control over their own illumination levels to provide an optimal working environment while preventing energy waste from over-illumination.


Intelligent lighting control strategies include some or all of the following:


  • Scheduling that turns on, turns off, and dims luminaires at preset times
  • Occupancy sensing that turns lighting on or off based on whether an area is occupied
  • Daylight harvesting that uses photosensors to detect natural light levels and adjust electric light levels accordingly
  • Task tuning and personal control that adjust task and ambient lighting in a space to meet individual user preferences

ControlScope Manager


Some of ControlScope’s key benefits for lighting controls and energy management:


ControlScope brings to an end the typical building control cycle of highly complex wiring, commissioning, management and everyday use. It was built from the ground up to be intuitive: easy to learn, easy to operate, and easy to commission through patented auto-commissioning methods.


ControlScope provides the flexibility to deliver zonal and fixture-based control, enabling building managers to re-design the spaces to address today’s dynamic work environments.

Choice With Open Standards:

Daintree is the only company that’s truly open-standards driven bringing customers a wide choice of lower-cost products and capabilities, and greater peace of mind. Say no to proprietary technologies and future-proof your facilities.


Facilities team can remotely manage ControlScope systems that scale from a single room, entire floor or building up to a complete portfolio of buildings.

Higher Return on Investment:

Removing the wires from lighting and building control, and adding continuous and on-demand energy load reduction while complying with building regulations increase values and remove cost—meaning a higher ROI and faster payback. ControlScope can help you achieve up to 70% in savings.

Big Data Analytics:

Daintree products not only allows you to control your lighting, it provides you with powerful and actionable information through a dashboard so you can make intelligent decisions at any time.