Wireless HVAC Control

Daintree Thermostat

A common method for managing temperature within commercial and industrial facilities is through programmable thermostats connected with packaged rooftop units. Today, most of these thermostats are not tied to any centralized network and management application. Instead, most operate on a standalone basis and are poorly managed, and therefore do not deliver on targeted energy savings. This creates a tremendous opportunity to improve how programmable thermostats are managed.


Thermostat’s settings that should be managed include:

  • Heating and cooling set points
  • Operation mode
  • Fan mode
  • In-building configuration access and lock-out management

The ControlScope wireless HVAC solution includes a wireless commercial programmable thermostat that can connect to any single or multistage conventional or heat pump HVAC system, providing automatic temperature control. As part of the ControlScope system and using industry standard ZigBee wireless communications, the thermostat can be centrally managed and programmed from any location using the ControlScope Manager (CSM) web application, eliminating the need for onsite manual thermostat adjustment.


In addition to those listed under Lighting Control, Daintree’s HVAC control system can provide the following benefits:

Operational Efficiencies:

With Daintree ControlScope, you can achieve significant operational efficiencies. For example, overheating and overcooling can result in revenue loss if you own a retail store or a grocery chain as customers tend to leave your store. Instead of having a costly overhead to monitor all your local stores, you can remotely control and manage the temperature in your stores and prevent revenue loss while reducing operations costs.

Occupant Comfort:

One of the common complaints in an office is the lack of proper temperature control. With an intelligent control system like ControlScope you can keep the temperature at an optimum level by detecting occupancy, configuring based on preferences, and remotely change it anytime based on specific requirements.


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