Open Standards: Interoperable Solution

Open architectures and industry standards have the power to dramatically reduce costs, improve customer choice, provide reliability and trust, and ultimately drive greater innovation and value. This happens through “interoperability” – when different manufacturers build their products based on the same set of standards, so company A’s control products work seamlessly with Company B’s products.


Unlike proprietary building energy management systems, Daintree’s ControlScope solution can interoperate with any third-party ZigBee standard products  allowing customers to create the optimum solutions for managing and monitoring their lighting, HVAC, plug load energy consumptions, and more.




Open vs proprietary protocols

Daintree Networks’ ZigBee standard solutions provide many benefits over proprietary solutions. The benefits include:


  • More lower cost third-party products available
  • Greater choice of products
  • Greater flexibility to create tailored solutions for managing and monitoring one or more energy loads (lighting, HVAC, plug loads, etc.) and innovate over time