Why Daintree Networks?

Daintree Networks gives facility managers, operations managers, and CFOs the power to achieve significant energy and operational savings while lowering CO2 emissions. With Daintree’s comprehensive lighting, HVAC, and plug load control, power monitoring, and alerts, you’ll learn how each building is performing, and be prepared to use insightful information for better, faster, and smarter decisions.

Invest in Standards-Based Interoperable Solutions

Our open and interoperable platform using the ZigBee standard breaks the stranglehold of proprietary control manufacturers, allowing customers the choice to use a variety of products out-of-the-box and create a tailored solution that is cost-effective. By using the industry’s leading standard for building automation systems and compatible innovate products, we help you gain control over more building types and better visibility into building performance.

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Trust the Wireless Industry Leader

The use of wireless networking platforms has many advantages. By eliminating complex and costly control wiring and related conduit and containment, the initial costs for deployment and maintenance are reduced. A pioneer in building reliable, scalable wireless networks using the ZigBee wireless technology standard since 2003, we provide the core wireless network communications and intelligence for the next generation of building energy management.

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Ensure Compliance

With increasing scrutiny as environmental concerns intensify, building owners and corporations must have solutions to ensure compliance with all energy efficiency mandates and regulations which include multi-level lighting controls, daylighting, automated demand response, and plug load circuit control. Our well-designed, tightly integrated energy management system is a valuable ally to an organization’s efforts to comply with energy efficiency standards now and well into the future, providing top-level executives control and insights for continuous operational optimization.

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