Plug Load Control

Daintree offers capabilities for plug load control and energy management. Wireless plug load controllers can be simply installed providing remote, centralized control of appliances and energy consumption measurements for each individual receptacle. Control receptacles via a schedule, occupancy detection or in response to Demand Response load shed events.

Plug Load Controls

Some of the benefits of plug load control include:

Reduce Energy Bills

By remotely monitoring and controlling energy use, you can reduce energy waste by turning off phantom loads when equipment is not needed.

Protect Electronics

You can protect your electronics and appliances as the plug load absorbs electrical line surges and isolates equipment from high and low line voltage. It can also stagger power turn on after a power failure.

Prevent Fires

Detect bad premise wire junctions and overloaded appliances before they overheat wires.

Empty sockets

Automatically switch to “off” state.