General Purpose Control

Gen Purpose








One advantage of network control is the ability to add applications onto an existing network without the need to build out a new-dedicated infrastructure. ControlScope provides the ability to add general purpose controls to integrate management of a variety of other devices such as fans, motors, pumps and compressors through a single user interface–control via a schedule, occupancy detection or in response to Demand Response load shed events.


Fan Control


One common application at warehouses and distribution centers is the exhaust fan.  These large industrial grade fans can be a huge energy drain. ControlScope can turn fans off when space is unoccupied or run them based on schedule. The fans can be programmed to crank in a sequence to reduce the sudden current surge and avoid the demand response peak load penalty imposed by utilities. Wireless general purpose I/O controllers provide simple control, monitoring and management of a variety of building loads that are often overlooked for energy savings opportunities.