Embedded Wireless Fixtures

Daintree is excited to work with LG to embed wireless technology into LG’s light fixtures. Together, the companies have worked to embed wireless communication capability directly into LG LED drivers used in LG LED lighting fixtures, enabling seamless interaction with Daintree’s ControlScope® networked wireless control solution.


Initial LG products with wireless drivers include LED troffer fixtures and retrofit kits. The resulting joint solution is expected to yield significant savings for users, both in up-front costs and in energy efficiency following installation, benefiting also from the market-leading efficacy of LG LED troffers.





  • How does embedding wireless control in the fixture simplify the wiring?
    LG fixtures with embedded wireless control eliminates the need for the traditional 0-10 V control wiring. The LG fixtures just need high voltage wiring thereby significantly reducing the total installation process.
  • Why did LG and Daintree decide to do this?
    Embedding wireless directly into the driver used in fixtures drives the cost significantly lower – up to 85 percent in some cases. LG fixtures will have the capability to connect to Daintree’s ControlScope system out-of-the-box and allow customers to start saving energy right away.
  • Is this a partnership or a joint venture between Daintree and LG?
    It’s neither a formal partnership nor a joint venture. Both companies strongly believe in open standards and worked together to enable open-standards driven embedded wireless drivers. This helps customers reduce their costs significantly for lighting control. There is no Daintree component in the LG fixtures and any solution that is compliant with the ZigBee standard should be able to connect with these fixtures.
  • Which fixtures are supported with this new capability?
    Currently LG is supporting two fixtures (2 x 2 and 2 x 4) with specs listed below. However, there are plans to expand this functionality to other fixtures.
  • Can we use other control systems if we buy these fixtures?
    Yes, there are no proprietary technologies in these fixtures. Daintree is driven by open standards and no Daintree proprietary components are installed in these products.
  • Which wireless technology is supported?
    The embedded wireless solution uses the ZigBee industry standard.
  • Do we have to buy the Daintree ControlScope right away when we buy LG fixtures?
    No, you don’t have to buy Daintree solution at the same time as you buy LG fixtures. Embedded wireless allows you to have the ability to control lighting and save energy anytime you are ready – now or in the future.
  • Simple integration of LG LED Lighing Fixtures with Daintree's control systems

    What else do we need for lighting controls if we buy these fixtures?
    To implement advanced lighting controls such as schedules, occupancy or daylight harvesting, you will need to buy other Daintree ControlScope solution components: software, system controller, wireless access controller, sensors, dimmers, etc. But you won’t need to buy wireless adapters to manage each fixture on a granular level which results in significant savings. With embedded wireless and ControlScope, you can configure granular or zonal level lighting controls or combinations thereof.

  • Does Controlscope Manager need any extra configuration for the LG fixtures?
    No. Since the LG fixtures use standards based technology they work out of the box with ControlScope Manager.

Spec Sheets:

2’×4’ Recessed Troffers

2’×2’ Recessed Troffers


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