Daintree’s Management Team


Derek Proudian, Chairman & CEO

Derek Proudian, Chairman & CEO

Derek Proudian brings three decades of high-tech finance, marketing and engineering leadership to Daintree Networks. Prior to joining Daintree, Derek has held CEO roles at five venture-capital backed companies, including Zip2 (Elon Musk’s first company) which Derek sold to Compaq for over $300 million. Derek has worked as a general partner at the venture capital firm Mohr Davidow Ventures, a Venture Partner at Morgan Stanley Ventures and an R&D manager at Hewlett-Packard Labs.


A technology industry veteran, Derek holds five U.S. patents and brings a wealth of experience in various areas of technology including IP switches, artificial intelligence, hardware, Internet, mobile, optical, and more.


Derek received undergraduate degrees in Creative Writing and Cognitive Science, and Master’s degrees in Business and Computer Science all from Stanford University.

Peter Atanasovski, Vice President, Product Management

Peter Atanasovski, Vice President, Product Management

Peter Atanasovski leads product management at Daintree Networks, where he is focused on expanding the company’s product portfolio, service offerings and ecosystem partnerships.


Prior to joining Daintree, Peter held roles with Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Ixia, working on the development of test products for the telecom and datacom industries covering emerging networking technologies such as ATM, POS, Ethernet, IP/IPv6 and MPLS. With two decades of experience, his various responsibilities have included manufacturing and R&D test development, embedded and application software development, software release management, professional services and product management.


Peter holds Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering (with Honors) and Science (Mathematics) from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Ben Brown, Vice President Operations and Finance

Ben Brown, Vice President Operations and Finance

Ben brings over a decade of general management, operations, strategy and finance experience to his role as VP of Operations and Finance, along with a passion for the cleantech IT sector. Prior to joining Daintree, Ben founded a start-up delivering residential energy management services using smart meter data, and served as an Investment Director with venture capital firm Jolimont Capital. Earlier in his career Ben served as a Project Leader with the Boston Consulting Group, spent time in GE’s Renewable Energy Leadership Program, and was the Strategic Marketing Manager for the UK operations of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM). He has worked across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Ben holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours (Computer Systems) from the University of Queensland.

Benjamin Buchanan, Vice President, Channels

Benjamin Buchanan,
Vice President, Channels

Benjamin has spent more than 15 years in the green energy industry.  He joined Daintree in 2011 and launched and grew the VAR Channel, including designing and implementing all VAR training, design, sales and commissioning. He has executed dozens of reseller agreements with ESCO’s, system integrators, lighting, electrical and HVAC contractors, and leads a nationwide team focused on delivering revenue growth.


He was previously owner and president of Time Lighting, an energy efficient representative agency for the Western U.S. and Canada, and prior to that, an Account Executive with Bill Brown Sales, the largest OEM lighting component representative in the world.


He spent five years working for lighting contractors and selling retrofit projects to high-profile commercial, industrial and multi-family customers, always over-achieving on his quotas.


Benjamin earned his degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University.

Dallas Buchanan, Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Business Development

Dallas Buchanan, Vice President, Strategic Accounts and Business Development

Dallas has over 20 years of experience in both energy management and lighting, with extensive involvement in retrofit applications as a manufacturer, OEM supplier and solutions provider. As a sales and marketing VP at A.L.P. Lighting Components, Dallas served as the organization’s product visionary and an important contributor to the company’s strategic planning and execution during a several year period during which the company more than tripled in size. He was the company’s leading expert in energy efficiency and lighting retrofit, and developed and managed a series of new business initiatives in this arena, from both a project and product standpoint. Dallas was the driver behind the company’s high profile relighting successes in dozens of notable projects across the US, many of which served as a platform for new OEM programs.


Dallas initially gained lighting and energy conservation expertise as general manager of Brayer Lighting and then as VP of Parke Industries as part of an acquired division of Carolina Power and Light. He developed several of the industry’s largest lighting retrofit projects several of which were recognized for leading technology showcases. Beyond application and project implementation, Dallas has worked closely with the utility community to create and utilize unique incentive programs for targeted energy conservation. As the application partner for the ground-breaking Model Energy Community Contra Costa and Marin, as well as PG&E’s first PowerSaving Partners program, Dallas participated in some of the earliest 3rd party DSM programs to emerge in the West. These eventually gave rise to the Standard Performance Contract (SPC) programs being used by much of the utility industry. Dallas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Santa Clara University.

Jason Choong, Chief Technology Officer

Jason Choong,
Chief Technology Officer

With experience in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and wireless technologies, Jason’s 20 years of technology leadership have seen him drive the creation and delivery of successful products to market. With both startup and corporate experience, Jason has created startup products from initial concept through managing products yielding $100 million in annual revenue. As part of his focus on entrepreneurial innovation, he is an inventor with over a dozen awarded patents.


As one of Daintree’s co-founders, Jason worked on IoT technology from its early days, charting Daintree’s path to its market leading networked wireless controls. Prior to that, Jason worked at HP and Agilent Technologies in technical and business roles, and has also worked for big data startups.


Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Western Australia, and a Masters of Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Niall Mai

Niall Mai, Vice President, Engineering and Technology

Niall is responsible for all engineering matters at Daintree Networks. Before joining Daintree, he held roles as CTO at Sigtec, and prior to that, Raywood Communications. Niall has strong experience in managing companies through periods of transition such as Acquisitions, VC funding and MBOs. Niall has a deep technical background working largely in the communications and dispatch fields. He has spent many years managing the development of large and complicated dispatch systems, specializing in multiple forms of wireless communication and a variety of mobile devices. His extensive involvement in large development projects has seen him deploy solutions to most regions of the world. Niall originally comes from an embedded background, working on DSP algorithms for voice compression and modems. His formal background includes an Honors Degree in Engineering and an Honors Degree in Computer Science.